Thursday, June 10, 2010


As we've been working our way through Baking Bread with Children, we've been reading a story, poem or singing a song every few days. The other day we stumbled across the song Shortnin' Bread, which I have vivid memories of singing and playing on the piano as a child, and happily, my own kids love it too. After learning the song, Elizabeth wanted to know if she could make some shortnin' bread, but I'm not exactly sure what that is so we're pretending that they mean Shortbread. :) Since today was Elizabeth's last day of school, and only a half-day, she headed for the kitchen in the late afternoon and decided it was time to make "shortnin' bread". This is the recipe she used, and although it's decidedly not health food, the shortbread cookies she made were absolutely delicious.

Finn was thrilled with the "I Love You" sign cookie that Elizabeth made for him.

He even tried to match it up with his own hand. (melt a mama's heart!)

It's amazing the ways kids' imaginations will take off when you give them the tools. I'm so happy to see my 9 year old getting excited about spending an afternoon in the kitchen baking a food she heard about in a song from the early 1900s.

Also today...drumroll please...

I'm debuting a new blog, The Book Children. Head on over to check it out and leave a comment in The Book Children's very first giveaway!


  1. So true! Kids' imaginations really do take off when we provide them the opportunities and tools!

  2. What a great lesson for her! I'm off to check out the new blog!

  3. PS-- It's TMS. I don't feel comfortable broadcasting the name everywhere, but I think you can figure it out! In Clemmons.

  4. I can't believe you are starting another blog!! It looks GREAT and I wanted to wish you luck with it!!

    Oh and that "I love you" cookie is priceless. :)

  5. We love that book! It is awesome. We love baking here too - the boys love making something with their own hands, it makes them feel so proud and happy to do it themselves. :)


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