Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WIP Wednesday

We have quite a few works-in-progress going on at our house this week. Some of the crafty variety, some not. Philip's work-in-progress this week has been learning to tie his own shoes. He hasn't been overly inclined to learn this skill on his own so we decided to provide some incentive in the form of refusing to tie them for him (while helping him, of course) and buying some organic cookies'n cream ice cream as a treat when he could tie on his own. Wouldn't you know that 1 day later he is tying his shoes (and eating ice cream!)

Finn's work-in-progress is trying not to get hurt when his siblings use him for a guinea pig...aka learning how to swing in a big kid swing. He's holding on tight and figuring it out!

My WIP for the week has been putting the last touches on the Seasons Round package that went out yesterday. (If you haven't participated in the Seasons Round exchange before, go here starting Oct. 1 and sign up for the winter exchange!) I needlefelted a pumpkin, used recycled wool sweaters to make an apple tree (with needlefelted apples), made a leafy fall candle and Elizabeth used a cookie cutter to felt a pumpkin. A box of fallish tea rounded out our package.

A close-up of the leafy candle:

I've also been working this week on a set of felted nesting bowls for a friend's impending birthday. The corriedale yarn is from our local sheep farm. :)

Happy WIP-ing!


  1. LOL on the tying shoes! 1 1/2 years ago we went to Disneyland for part of our vacation, and I told Kayla we weren't going until she could ride her bike without training wheels. I can't tell you how many hours and days went into trying to teach her. With the proper incentive she taught herself in less than 2 hours that evening. LOL!

  2. Ice cream would motivate me to do just about anything! You're always working on some great crafty project. I'm feeling motivated to learn how to knit, sew and felt better.

  3. Very sweet idea to write out the 'wip' for the kids as well as yours!
    I love, love the felted nesting bowls!

  4. You have no idea how having a local sheep farm for yarn makes me swoon!

  5. Hello Joy,
    Thanks so much for the birthday wishes my friend :) Well done to Philip for learning to tye his shoe laces :) Finn looks like he is doing well on the big kid swing! Your Seasons Round package looks beautiful and I love your felted bowl :)

    Have a great day,



  6. Those all sound like very worthwhile works in progress. I like the little apple tree! :)

  7. beautiful creations, joy!


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