Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Autumn Weekend

Our first weekend of autumn was quite rainy and cooler than the previous few weeks have been. We spent most of the day Saturday finding indoor activities to occupy our attention. To start, we flipped through a new cookbook (new to our house, at least) called BabyCakes (after the bakery of the same name in NYC) and found a delicious recipe for vegan spelt raspberry scones. They were divine! (Later in the evening, we also made the chocolate chip cookies from the same book, but they were gone too quickly to photograph!)

Once our tummies were full, we decided to work on a dried apple slices project to hang over our nature table. We had a delightful time slicing, then smelling the apples as they dried in the oven. We strung the dried apple slices with a simple needle and thread.

The rest of the day passed in a less structured fashion. Well...there were structures, actually. Out of wooden Kapla blocks.

Then out of a pile of legos. Better not get too close to that structure!

When the sun came out, we hit the road, and Philip became a two-wheel-ridin' kind of guy. He's concentrating so hard!

A very sweet weekend was had by all. We're glad you're here, Fall!


  1. I *love* the last picture. So sweet.

  2. I need to try that cookbook out! That scone looks so tasty!

  3. Oh I love the apple garland, that is so beautiful

  4. Looks like a nice weekend-love the dried apples over the nature table.

  5. So how do you dry the apples? they look great! is it a low temp over deal? Are they holding their nice smell? What a cool idea!

  6. must make apple garland--how wonderful! Looks like a lovely weekend. Even a little kntitting thrown in!

  7. I love your fall nature table. So beautiful.


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