Saturday, September 19, 2009

Scenes from Saturday

Today we took our weekly trip through the local farmer's market. Along with plenty of fresh and local fruits and veggies, we are fortunate to have potters, wood craftsmen, and sheep farmers who make the weekly trip to the market. One of my favorite vendors is the local sheep farm where we take our kids to see the sheep shearing each spring. The farmer not only has the most lovely colors of corriedale wool, but she's frequently spinning right in front of her stand at the market. My kids always love to see what she's working on, and I love working with her wool!

The pumpkins and gourds are also beginning to arrive at the market. Finn was so thrilled to be able to pick out a little pumpkin to take home. I, myself, couldn't resist getting a small bowl full of gourds for our kitchen table, but I'll wait a few more weeks before buying the cooking pumpkins, I think.

Upon our departure from the farmer's market, we decided to stop briefly at the annual Honeybee Festival in our small town. The Honeybee Festival is rather humorously named since we rarely see honeybees, and only a small amount of honey makes an appearance. Finn didn't miss the honey and bees too much after finding out that a firetruck was part of the festival. He even got to climb on it!

Finn even managed to locate a vendor with hand-carved cars and trucks. His favorite toys!

So, to sum up the Honeybee bees, little honey, but plenty of deep-fried junk food. There you have it!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun even though there was little honey or bees, lol!

    Deep fried twinkies and oreos? YIKES!!!

  2. I can't even imagine how gross a deep fried twinkie would be! I'm sure my kids would love it though. . . ;)

  3. Really, it would be bad (read: absolutely wonderful, besides myself crazy good) news if there was a yarn vendor at the market. Your market really looks like a treasure!


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