Wednesday, September 2, 2009

WIP Wednesday

After seeing the adorable wool felt needle holder that Waldorfmama made the other week, I took a small break from knitting one evening this week to work on a bit of handsewing. My circular needles have been getting lost at the bottom of my knitting basket so a needle case seemed like a wonderful solution. (Has anyone seen my size 11 circ by the way? Apparently, it's still floating in there somewhere...)

As far as knitting goes, I'm still working slowly on Elizabeth's blanket, late at night so she won't catch a glimpse, but I also finished this amazingly soft merino/silk scarf for a family member for Christmas. (Note to family members: you might want to take a break from WIP Wednesday posts through the end of the year unless you're the sort that would slit the tape on the wrapped present just to find out before the big day. You know who you are. ;) The yarn is Malabrigo's Silky Merino in Wisteria, and the pattern is a simple one-stitch lace scarf.

Happy handcrafting!


  1. Beautiful! The next time I am in town I am going to hit you up for a rookie knitting lesson!

  2. Oh, Joy, that blanket is too beautiful! And I love the needle holder-- perfect for the knitting needles I'm accumulating (not yours, promise;)) for the knitting I am learning to do before hat season *truly* hits;)

  3. Ohhhh....that merino scarf looks so delicious! I can feel the softness through the screen and I love the color! Ha, my ETSY shop must wait for the day I find a little more balance. Just not enough hours in the day!

    I can't wait to see more of your handmade holiday gifts!
    Lisa ;)

  4. Beautiful handwork Joy!
    I love the stitching on the needle holder!


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