Sunday, September 13, 2009

September weekend

.:family game night:.

.:new gnomes for Finn:.
     (thanks to Natural Earth Farm! Finn loves them!)

.:an afternoon in "the city":.

.:autumnal flowers from the hubby:.

.:first pumpkin of the season:.

.:a very special leaf:.

.:friends to play tag:.

.:blue sky sunset:.


  1. Love the family game night by candle light!

  2. Horray for game night. Those gnomes are lovely. We have a set of tree blocks from Natural Earth Farm and they see A LOT of action!

  3. Is that Apples to Apples I see? We love that game. :)

    Looks like you were able to spend a lovely weekend with your dear family.

  4. Love the last picture.

    Your family game night reminded me of this game - - have you seen it? It looks like fun to me, but we haven't gotten it yet.

  5. Beautiful photos...:)
    I love the candle light.

  6. It all looks like a lovely weekend!

    I've been thinking game night, too-- we have a couple of new ones that I'd like to play with everyone.

    Maybe tonight!

    Love the pumpkin. :)

  7. What is it about gnomes? I must go order some of those. My sister knitted Henry a gnome hat for this birthday. I LOVE IT. I think we are going to start a family game night. Great idea.

  8. It looks like it is becoming autumn...those honey-hues are showing up in pictures! What a terrific weekend.


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