Monday, September 28, 2009


In our house, life events, both big and small, are a cause for celebration. Frequently, this just means that the person whose event we're celebrating gets to pick our dessert for dinner that evening (within reason), or we go on a special outing to commemorate. When Elizabeth finally outgrew her last pair of toddler-sized shoes and moved up to the kids department, it was a big event for her as a small-footed 1st grader, and we celebrated by hiking at the park in her first pair of big kid shoes. Philip learned to ride a bike yesterday, which meant that a celebration was in order! Another tradition in our family are the Boo-nilla shakes we make each autumn. Philip thought the ghost faces should be saved for October, which is funny since, as I looked back, I realized that I made them on this same week last year, so he requested leaves be painted with the melted chocolate chips. My leaves looked more like hanging bats so I drew a twig for them to hang from and now we have Bat-nilla shakes.

Happy bike-riding to all!


  1. i love it! i, too, think little moments deserve celebration! it keeps life joyous. congrats to the bike rider!

  2. Congratulations Philip!
    We love to have celebrations here too for every occasion... Have a great week Joy :)



  3. I love how even the 'small' things are celebrations in your house--it always seems like such a warm, loving, and happy place! Here's to lots of bike rides!

  4. I love that you celebrate the small things! I'm going to try to be better at that.

  5. Congrats to Philip! That's definitely worth celebrating.

  6. I love that you can look back at last year and see exactly what you were doing... please share your shake recipe, and your technique for drawing on those cute bats/leaves!

    Way to go, Phillip!

  7. Oh, hooray for philip! learning to ride a bike is a bid deal indeed! I think family celebrations are the best-- it is so magical to watch kids light up at the rituals and special moments of those times! Those Boo-nilla shakes look divine, by the way:)

  8. Melissa, I got the basic idea here where Elizabeth was about 3:

    I keep a small paintbrush in my utensil drawer for boo-nilla shake painting and we just keep the shakes simple with organic ice cream and rice milk. I'm sure Martha's are more decadent, but I don't keep heavy cream around for spur of the moment celebrating. :)

  9. we love celebrating life too! : )
    congratulations to your sweet boy!

  10. Nicola said it perfectly, "little moments deserve celebration!" Those spontaneous celebrations are the most memorable!

    Sorry Joy, but I can't stop laughing at your leaf....looks kind of like a moustache. ;)
    (hope you're not upset with me, but I couldn't help it) :)



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