Saturday, September 26, 2009

Red in Autumn

Tipperty-toes, the smallest elf,
Sat on a mushroom by himself,
Playing a little tinkling tune
Under the big round harvest moon;
And this is the song that Tipperty made
To sing to the little tune he played.

"Red are the hips, red are the haws,
Red and gold are the leaves that fall,
Red are the poppies in the corn,
Red berries on the rowan tall;
Red is the big round harvest moon,
And red are my new little dancing shoon."

~Elizabeth Gould


  1. What a cute Tipperty-toes! That's a sweet poem.

  2. That poem perfectly reflects the red autumn scene outside right now!

  3. Very sweet! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)

  4. I ran across your blog because we are using this same poem in our homeschool this fall! (I was searching for text online so I didn't have to type it out from our book and your blog came right up!) Anyway, we also keep a seasonal table, and usually at this point we have lots of gnomes out, but this convinced us to add a Tipperty-Toes to our table. Thanks for the inspiration! You can see ours on our blog, if you'd like!


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