Friday, December 26, 2008

Time with Elizabeth

Elizabeth and I decided to make the most out of the time Finn was napping this afternoon.  Having not spent much quality time alone together for a while, we first decided to read Snowflake Bentley, a present she received since she is the resident queen of paper snowflakes.

After she finished reading the Snowflake Bentley book together, we decided to flip through another Christmas present book Elizabeth received, 
Snowflakes in Photographs, a book by W A Bentley featuring many of his snowflake photographs.  We selected snowflakes from each page that was our favorite and wondered how each flake could be so unique and intricate.

When we were finished pouring over the snowflake pictures, we played a rousing game of Battleship, then selected another recipe from my Apples for Jam cookbook.  Elizabeth decided on the Chocolate and Vanilla Cookies.  

They were great fun to twist together.

And even more fun to sample, warm from the oven.

Elizabeth thinks every time Finn naps we should enjoy some special time together.  I think she's right.


  1. Isnt it so special to spend some alone time with the older ones? I sometimes have mommy/Dylan days and really enjoy those.

  2. What cool looking cookies!!!! Will have to put that on our to-do list! Thanks for sharing and great blog!!!

  3. Love the cookbook but also - love the Snowflake B. book - it is just amazing that he thought to look closely at the snowflakes... (children's librarian who gets super happy about good books!)

  4. He's so awesome.
    I'd settle for just one glorious shot of a snowflake. I'm still trying to figure out how I can best do it.


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