Monday, December 22, 2008

Celebrating Finn

The age-old question, when you're privileged to be the parent of a Christmas baby, is when to celebrate his birthday.  This year, we decided to celebrate yesterday.  With frosted banana muffins and plenty of wooden toys, Finn turned 2 in style.

Finn hasn't quite been convinced of the merit of napkins.

One of the favorites:  a wooden plane to go with the Plan City
that Finn might (or might not) be getting from Santa.

The biggest hit with the whole crowd:
50 glass marbles and a wooden marble run


  1. Awww, Happy early Birthday to Finn! I remember when he was born, b/c I remember thinking about how soon my lil' man would be coming. (and it was exactly a month later)

  2. What a cute birthday boy! I love the marble run; my son has one, (although not as cool as Finn's) and he plays with it constantly.

  3. Awww Happy Birthday Finn! Looked like everyone had a lovely time.


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