Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday Book Basket

Wanna peek into our holiday book basket?

In our basket, you'll find:

Christmas in the Barn ~ Margaret Wise Brown
Away in a Manger ~ Thomas Kinkade
Great Joy ~ Kate DiCamillo
Charlie Brown Christmas ~ Charles M. Schultz
The Magic Saddle ~ Christobel Mattingly
Room for a Little One ~ Martin Waddell

Newest addition:

I've always liked the sweet story of
One Snowy Night and was pleasantly surprised last night to discover a fuzzy hat version.  I mean, what almost 2-year-old can resist a fuzzy hat during story time?  Except that Finn can...resist, that is.  Very loudly.  (Did I mention Finn is recovering from what I think was roseola?)  After much loud resistance last night, he spent 45 minutes in a bubble bath. (Thank you, California Baby, for Overtired and Cranky aromatherapy bubble bath!)  This morning, he seemed more interested in fuzzy hats, hedgehogs and such, so we gave One Snowy Night another chance.  All fuzzy hats were fingered happily until his most audacious sister presumed that she was also invited to listen and finger the fuzzy hats.  Resistance once more.

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