Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Our Advent Traditions

Setting up the nativity
(made of beech wood, from the Philippines, where my parents live)

The kids setting up their nativity
(which they will tear down and rebuild
100 times between now and Christmas)

Our paper advent calendar this year--
a Bavarian nativity advent calendar 
(the first open door has been circled in red)

our refillable advent calendar
(yes, it's from Starbucks, but we've reused it for 3 years now
and we fill it with organic candy...does that make it better?)


  1. I LOVE those Joy... Especially the first nativity!!

  2. I loved seeing your Advent traditions. We've got two Advent calendars this year as well...one with scripture verses, and a Playmobile one.

  3. I love the advents and nativitys. That children's one is great for those hands that love to fiddle

  4. I love love love you advent set from the Philippines. I am 1/2 Filipina and have hounded for so many wood carved religious pieces for my apartment. My grandmother donated her smaller hand carved last supper piece which now hangs in my kitchen. I am going to show her yours and hopefully when she goes to visit this year, she can pick one up for me.

    Great traditions!


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