Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Car-i-oke

Most weeknights are too busy for much Christmas celebrating so when I found a book called Christmas Car-i-oke, I thought it might provide a few special weeknights without requiring much time.  I realize that the whole point of the book is to entertain kids in the car, but our kids enjoy singing and only half of them can read so I thought the Car-i-oke might be better suited to the house for now.  We picked 4-5 songs to sing with the accompanying CD.  The kids had a blast.  I think we might have to carve another Car-i-oke weeknight out in our schedule before Christmas.

Of course, they needed one more round of the jazzy rendition of Jingle Bells for dancing.

We ended with some delicious hot chocolate and Pirouline for a perfect Christmas evening.


  1. I LOVE that first picture--classic!

  2. Oh fun! I haven't had Pirouline yet this year...must put that on a list. ;)


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