Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Warp and Weft

Last summer when we were in Boone on vacation, I bought Elizabeth a weaving loom at the Mast General Store. The weaving loom is made specifically for weaving potholders and came with lots of brightly colored cotton loops. The loom was purchased with the intention of saving until she had a few less active days when she might enjoy learning a new hobby.

In the few days Elizabeth had at home last week before heading off to Lindley Rec this week, I decided the new hobby might be welcome. The first potholder she wove was red and white; the second one, pictured here, she made to show Paulie how to use the loom. After weaving this second potholder, she even learned how to finish the edges with a crochet hook. She so enjoyed weaving potholders that now she has grand plans for weaving all her loved ones handmade Christmas gifts.

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