Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life is Goodmama

Finn has really started enjoying being outside over the last few months. Frequently, on mornings or evenings when it's not quite as hot, Paul will leave the back door open and push our deck box in front of the stairs so that Finn can come and go as he pleases. He will walk outside, putter around, walk back inside, close the door, squeal until someone opens it for him again, then walk back outside again. He also frequently drags his beloved Matchbox cars outside with him to roll around on the deck, or off the deck so he can demand, in his verbose gibberish, that someone fetch it for him. The other Sunday afternoon, he was running around in his goodmama diaper when the back door was left open and out he went. Of course, he needed his Life Is Good hat because he and the sun don't mix very well. Without the hat, he will just stand out there covering his eyes with his fists whining until the problem is rectified.

Speaking of the goodmama diaper, there is a WAHM that has apparently hit upon a good thing. She makes these organic cotton/bamboo velour diapers that, when she stocks them, sell in minutes flat. On the occasions that she auctions them on hyenacart, an eco-friendly auction site, they frequently go in the $100-170 range...for 1 diaper! Anyway, a local friend of mine managed to snag a couple for less than retail and sold one to me. They are soft and really nice, but I can't think of anything a diaper would do that might make it worth $100! (to me, anyway)

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