Monday, June 9, 2008

Becoming a fish...

Paulie and Philip both took swim lessons for two months earlier this spring with their mom, so Elizabeth, needing to get in on the action, decided to enhance her swimming skills as well. Her swimming lessons started yesterday at the Y in Kernersville, and of course, mom was on hand to document the occasion. The class was split into two groups, those who were pretty fishy already, the Guppies, and those who wanted to become a little more fishy, the Polliwogs. Elizabeth, still needing some variety of floating device to keep her head above water, fell into the latter category of Polliwog. Over the 45 minutes of class yesterday, she learned a variety of floating exercises, kicked with a floatboard, swam with a float belt and jumped off the side of the pool. She was thrilled to hear the teacher proclaim she did a "great job" at the end of class. She's already anxiously anticipating next class to further hone her skills. Between the swimming classes, Paulie being on a swim team, and our new membership to the Y (which we've been utilizing to go swimming once a week), this summer promises to be very fishy indeed!

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