Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days...

Elizabeth's last day of school was Tuesday, and to get her through the next few days before the summer program starts at Lindley Rec, we headed off immediately when school got out to the library. She picked out a few books from several different series she enjoys, Magic Treehouse, Magic Schoolbus and Junie B Jones. We also chose a few Encyclopedia Brown books for Paulie since he'd be hanging out for the day on Thursday after his school let out.

First thing Wednesday morning, she cozied up with her Magic Schoolbus book, The Truth About Bats. Eventually, she busied herself with a few other things like drawing and chores, but she came back to her books several times during the day.

Of course, you would think from the picture that it's morning, but actually she spent most of the first day of summer vacation in her pajamas; the picture was taken shortly before lunch.

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