Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Material Girl

While Charlie was in town visiting, she created the first project using scraps out of our scrap box. She had a lovely time squirting glue all over her paper and rubbing the material around in the glue. Watching her stage of development (right in between Philip and Finn) was fun since she doesn't quite have the precision of our older kids, yet she knows what she wants to do, unlike Finn to just likes to throw material up in the air or dump it on the floor.

Jenni had brought me a great basket with some homemade bath salts, salt scrub, massage oil and chocolate. (The chocolate is worth a mention because she brought me 2 bars of the EXACT same chocolate I bought for her: Chocolove's Dark Chocolate with Raspberry and 65% cacao Dark Chocolate! Yikes!) So since the material scraps were living in an old shoebox, I decided to move them over to the basket which, even though the scraps had only been in the box for a week, offended Finn's sensibilities and he's been, on the stealth, moving material back into the shoebox and putting the lid on, ever since.

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