Monday, January 20, 2014

weekending at the farm

We just returned from a visit to our friends' farm just a few hours down the road. They've expanded, both in gardens and animals, since our last visit, and it was great fun to catch up with them and their new explorations in farming. During the long weekend spent with them, we petted goats and chickens, helped them move and fix a few minor things, baked apple pies, watched the chickens attack a nest of baby mice, buried the new barn cat, grilled a yummy dinner over the fire, debated the perfect marshmallow roasting technique, held the baby, chased the toddler, laughed with everyone, and generally had a blissful weekend with our dearest family friends.


  1. looks like a fun outing - so much fresh air!

  2. That's so fabulous that they are so close by! Sounds like a lovely weekend. And that lamb! Too cute!


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