Sunday, January 5, 2014

catching up

The weeks leading up to Christmas were filled with sickness and busyness. We tackled the biggest undertaking we've ever attempted in the week before Christmas, which left no time for blogging. I'll show you the results over the next few days. The 2 weeks leading up to Christmas brought a tummy bug that invaded 2 of the kids, canceling plans, and leaving us unable to fulfill many of the advent traditions we've developed over the last few years. It was a practice in letting go, for me anyway. There is always next year.  Christmas Day, and the days following, brought a series of family get-togethers and much love and togetherness. Most of it unphotographed, but all of it priceless.

(The following photograph isn't a great quality shot, but I had to capture the joy when Paulie received a new, much-desired robe and Finn inherited his old one.)

The 12 Days of Christmas for us included not a single partridge in a pear tree, but countless family gatherings, a family wedding to celebrate, 7 states, many thoughtful gifts and warm meals, time with rarely-seen extended family, and finally snow tubing.

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  1. You undertook a Heculean task for the holidays with the big surprises. And in the end it's the togetherness and memories that matter most anyhow, right?


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