Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Project Redecoration: Elizabeth's room

Elizabeth's room probably looks the least changed at first glance. About 6 weeks ago, after much begging, we went ahead and painted her room. We knew we were going to paint all 3 bedrooms at Christmas and that we would only have 6 days to complete the redecoration project. Since the color she wanted blended just fine with her old room, we decided to go ahead and get her painting done early. In addition she wanted stripes which we knew would take extra time anyway.



Elizabeth's room was completely rearranged. She kept all of the same furniture she already had, and she also gained a night stand and a desk chair. Her night stand came from Ikea and was a natural wood that I painted with the darker color from her wall stripes. Her desk chair also came from Ikea. She also got new curtains and a little magnetic board, which she wanted for her collection of travel magnets, beside her bed.

Her new quilt finally came out of hiding, along with the matching pillow sham and throw pillow. I think they match her new room nicely.

She also received new Ikea lamps for both her desk and her bed. From other family members, she received a lava lamp, which has been on her list for quite a while, and a bean bag chair. Lastly, her favorite new addition to her room was a photo mobile. It replaced an old butterfly mobile in her old room, and she loves having pictures of her family and friends hanging where she can see them at all times.


  1. Her room looks so beautiful and serene. Seems like it would be a good place to retreat to when she needs to escape the brothers. Nicely done!

  2. Her room is very cute! I've been looking for a bean bag chair for my son's room. Did you get yours at Ikea?

    1. Hey Dawn! I forgot to put the link. I just updated it in the text. The bean bag chair came from Target. They had several different colors.

  3. Love the way ti turned out-just perfect for Elizabeth. I was so hoping you'd keep the stripes and you did; yay !~! The photo mobile intrigues me; I may have to give that a shot for the babies coming into my world.


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