Tuesday, January 22, 2013

NYC in Instagram

We just returned from a whirlwind trip to NYC.  A trip that we were worried might not happen.  The night before we our 6:30 am flight, our area was hit with a sudden snowstorm (following 4 days of rain). Our electricity was out for over 12 hours before we left, which meant no last minute packing since it was still dark when our flight left.  But we made it safe and sound, and nearly on time.  We celebrated Elizabeth's 12 birthday in style, with visits to Times Square, The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, Carlo's Bakery, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tender Buttons, The Harry Potter Exhibition at Discover Times Square, ice skating in Central Park, Purl Soho (ok, that was really for me), Little Italy for pizza, FAO Schwarz, and many more of the city's hot spots. She had a fabulous time, and we returned exhausted and sore from so much walking...always the sign of a good NYC trip. Although I did take my regular camera most of the time, it was often easier to whip out my phone for a few quick pictures so the best glimpse into our trip is through these Instagram shots.


  1. Oh that button shop... swoon! Looks like a fabulous get away!

  2. your daughter is beautiful! happy birthday!! I don't know what I like more the button store or the yarn store...

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