Tuesday, January 29, 2013


{1 week}

{16 months, at the park}

{18 months}

{2.5 years}

{with her brothers, age 5}

{preschool graduation, age 5}

{competing in a school poetry slam, age 8}

{at the beach, age 9}

{starting 6th grade, age 11}

She's 12 now, this girl of mine.  It happened yesterday with all of the pomp and splendor we could manage on a school day with a mom sporting a fever and feeling generally yucky.  I did take some time, as I always do, on this day to reflect on my mothering journey.  There's something about Elizabeth's birthday in particular, even though she's not the oldest child in our blended family, that makes me ponder. Ponder parenthood, ponder my own adulthood, ponder the journey our lives have taken.  She's been with me for more of my adulthood than anyone, or anything, else in my life.  Longer than my husband, longer than our house, longer than any job. These pictures, these stages represent not only her milestones but mine as well. I couldn't ask for anyone better to join me in this journey.

She's an amazing kid, and I can't wait to see what the next 12 years of her life holds.


  1. Happy birthday to your sweet girl! They grow up so fast.

  2. Happy, happy birthday Elizabeth! 12 amazing years - My little girl turned 2 on Saturday, and I could hardly believe that :)

  3. Happy happy, Dear Elizabeth, may your year be full of love, laughter and learning. A magical age during the path of our lives; Enjoy each day of it.

  4. You're making me all weepy! Happy Birthday to Elizabeth and to you as well. She is a gem!

  5. oh my goodness!! just another reminder how quickly this time is flying by!! she's just adorable now as she ever was. happy belated birthday!


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