Tuesday, January 8, 2013

::in the kitchen::

::for tomorrow's lunches, rising sourdough::
::for warmth, homemade organic winter tea::
::for breakfast, brandied cherry coffee cake with soaked and sprouted wheat::
::for inspiration::
::for appreciation of summer's bounty, canned pickles and brandied cherries::
::for protection of the table, crabapple trivet::
::for tonight's dinner, sprouted wheat soaked crusty loaf::
What's happening in your kitchen this morning?

*all photos from Snapseed on iPhone, just trying something new*


  1. All looks so perfect for winter. You will have to do a bread making tutorial for Doug when we come, he's good but could use some help.

  2. food in jars, i want to read that.that bread looks so yummy, too!! this morning, our kitchen was a lot more rushed than i liked but we did have coffee and bite to eat.


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