Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Christmas

I've waited so long to post this that it seems outdated now, but I wanted to post a few pictures of our Christmas day celebrations, not because you need to see what we look like opening gifts, but because Finn has so little focus during this busy season.  As you can see, we celebrated his birthday as we have for several years now, by honoring Finn first with his birthday ring, a special breakfast, and his birthday gifts, before launching into our Christmas celebrations.

Of course, he was just as happy as the rest to dive into the stockings and gifts when his birthday time was finished.  I won't bore you with a dozen photos of children with thrilled faces and shocked expressions, but I did want to post a few cute photos of them in their new hand knits. :)

(She's sporting a new hat, scarf, and fingerless mitts!)


  1. Just lovely knitted pieces, Joy, beautifully done and truly appreciated.

  2. The hats look fantastic and not-so-little Finn is glowing! Happy Christmas Birthday!


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