Monday, December 27, 2010

diary of a Christmas baby's birthday

Finn is 4!

6:30 am (12/25/2010): We hear that the natives are becoming restless upstairs and light the birthday ring.

7:00 am: Finn, our Christmas baby, listens to us sing "happy birthday", drinks his milky coffee, and tries, mostly failing, to eat his birthday breakfast in his excitement.

7:15 am: He could tell by feeling the wrapping bags which present he wanted to open first: vintage Tonka!

7:18 am: He's also excited about his new Stockmar watercolors, complete with painting board and glass jars!

7:35 am: Shortly after Finn's birthday present opening, the kids are ready to move on to Christmas. As expected, Finn is absolutely thrilled about his car quilt.

7:40 am: He also received some other cool gifts.

7:30-7:50 am: He even let his siblings participate. The doll bed was a huge hit, as was the dark-blue-but-not-navy beret.

Everyone received some great clothes and books.

And the big boys loved their slippers!

10:00 am: After all the present opening was finished, we packed up the family and headed to my grandmother's house for Christmas brunch.

10:30 am: Finn's on his third biscuit with Granny's famous strawberry jam.

11:00 am: We get our first decent (as in everyone looking the same direction and mostly smiling) family photo in years.

1:00 pm: We return home to a dusting of snow. Paulie drags Finn around the yard.

1:15 pm: And Finn drags his new truck.

5:00 pm: Finn is excited to try out his new paints.

5:15 pm: He makes 2 beautiful masterpieces that mommy can't wait to make into cards or something...we'll see. :)

Thus endeth the Christmas baby's birthday. For everyone who asks me what we handle the birthday celebration of a Christmas baby, now you know!


  1. Happy Birthday Finn!
    What a wonderful celebration, such lovely presents. Your Christmas was very festive, so nice to spend it with family.
    Beautiful family photo.
    Take care dear friend
    xo xo xo

  2. I love how you honor his birthday fully on such a big holiday with a big family. And I adore that shot of him pulling the truck on the sled! Happy Birthday Finn!

  3. That looks so lovely-- what a special day. Happy Birthday, Finn!

    If you get a minute, could you send me the ordering info on the watercolors? I love how durable and long-lasting those look. Grady's watercolors are my new favorite thing to frame and gift folks with-- so beautiful!

  4. Oh you are a good egg, working so hard so soon after xmas. Must be a tricky thing having your birthday at this time of year - but he looks like he had a very special day. And that snow...what fun!!!

  5. What a fun day you all had! I love how you make Finn's birthday special just for him and still manage to also make it a special Christmas for everyone else. That's a lot of pressure, but you do it well!
    I also love the thingie for holding the watercolors--remind me to ask you about that when we talk. :) Glad our favorite Carolinians had a great Christmas. Love you guys.

  6. Seconding all the good wishes above, here’s to a smashing 2011 for everyone !~! I too am interested in whence came watercolors please.

  7. What lovely pics! I was just wondering about the Boxcar Children book. Is that a version for younger children? I loved that book (original version) as a child. Thanks.

  8. Happy Happy Birthday Finn! This was our first year using the Birthday ring and Ella loved it! Love all of the pictures. It looked like a wonderful day. Have a a Happy New Year! Kerri


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