Monday, December 3, 2012

the Advent Festival

Yesterday evening we hosted our festival groups Advent Spiral.  This was our third year of hosting and I have to say that I truly think each year gets more lovely and more meaningful.

We started our evening with an Advent craft.

Each of the children (and adults, if they chose) received a log slice which they could decorate with elements of the four weeks of Advent.  There were rocks and shells to commemorate the first week, greenery for the second, feathers and little wool sheep (which we made with pipe cleaner and roving) for the third week, and a small peg doll with cloth scraps to celebrate the fourth and final week of Advent.  And we added a tealight candle to the center of each Advent log.

The kids dove into this craft, each with their own vision, making this Advent representation their own.

Each unique log was a beauty to behold and the group together were breathtaking.

Following our craft, we enjoyed a snack of Christmas treats.

Throughout the evening, each family would head into the Advent Spiral room together, in silence, to light their candle and place it along the spiral while holding a special thought, memory, or wish for Advent in their hearts. What a magical sight the spiral was following this event!


  1. That last shot is so beautiful! And those treats, wow! Looks like you have such a special group and it was an equally special time. Count yourself lucky!


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