Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yarn Along

I'm still working on the same Sherwood sweater for Finn that I've been working on for a few weeks.  The pattern is starting to come a bit more easily to me, although I did have to rip out a few rows this weekend and take a 2 day knitting break due to a canning injury. (ouch!)  Finn and I also started Pippi Longstocking over the holiday weekend and only have a few chapters left to finish.  I really love Swedish children's literature right now. Of course, Pippi is a classic, but seeing her through the eyes of a little boy, who has never heard of Pippi's antics, brings such a smile to my face.  I think we read the circus chapter 3 times before he was ready to move on with the story. Joining Ginny this morning...


  1. oh no! I hope your hand is better! Love the cabling detail, I could see how it is tricky to keep it straight, and if you have memorized this I am truly impressed :)

  2. My two great loves are cooking and knitting but an injury in the kitchen is always an extra pain when it impacts on my needle work!
    I hope your injury isn't too bad.
    I really like how the Sherwood sweater is coming along.

  3. Great knitting, love the color of the yarn and of course I love your choice in books. If you'd like some ideas of other Swedish authors let me know. I have a whole list of them. There's some fun one's I know Finn would like.

  4. Lovely knitting! I just finished up a sweater in a similar color. :) I'm happy to have found your blog through the link up, I'm sharing leg warmers this week. Happy knitting!


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