Tuesday, September 11, 2012

the sounds of music

Paulie just started his second year of middle school band on the bassoon.
Elizabeth just started her first year of middle school band on the flute and her seventh year of African drumming instruction.
Philip is getting ready to start his fifth year of group violin lessons.
Finn just started his first year of African drumming, and probably a few other Musikgarten instruments.

These are the sounds of music in our world.  What about yours?


  1. Sweet! I am trying to get Z to settle on one instrument and take is seriously. It seems N is the music lover in the family though, singing and dancing all day long.

  2. Oh I bet it is musical all day in your house! My daughter and son each took over 9 years of piano lessons. My daughter played french horn, and flute in high school. My son played baritone, and tuba in high school. Those were great days and so much fun!! I hope you have just as much fun with your kids performances, parades, and field games.


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