Monday, September 3, 2012

a quiet holiday weekend

Finn and I have been the only ones home during this long, holiday weekend.  The older kids are with their other parents, and Paul is visiting his extended family.  When I first realized we were going to be alone all weekend, I found myself thinking of the various places we could go to occupy our time. But then it struck me, Finn and I used to spend most days home alone while the other were respectively at work and school.  We would craft and bake and garden.  Maybe this could be a quiet weekend for us to reconnect.  And so we did.

And so I picked a couple of the activities from my kid-friendly Pinterest board.  We got miles of fun out of these little cork rafts.  They literally took 5 minutes to make.  Finn trimmed the sails out of scrap felt while I hot glued the corks.  He took them to the bathtub and later filled a bowl of water to play with them in the kitchen while I worked.

We also spent an hour putting together a marble maze out of the top of our lego table. A slightly smaller Lego board might work better. Every time this one bent slightly, it would pop off a piece of the maze wall. Finn has thoroughly enjoyed trying his hand at the maze and can't wait to show his siblings when they return later this afternoon.

While Finn has been playing with his Pinterest activities, I canned what will probably be my last half-bushel of tomatoes from the farmer's market.  Mostly salsa with a few extra jars of plain diced tomatoes.  Finn and I enjoyed a dinner of the excess salsa as well.  Yum!

We also made a cheese cracker recipe that I've been wanting to try.  I used spelt flour in lieu of the plain, but these were quite delicious.  Finn and I decided that we have no reason to buy cheese crackers again!

And a discovery this weekend: Finn figured out how to take apart every toy he owns with a screwdriver.  Most of them he reassembled without any trouble.

I'm a little nervous about where this discovery might eventually lead us!

I so enjoyed this quiet time with Finn.  We are both more than ready for the others to return, but I'm grateful for the blessing of a quiet weekend with my littlest guy.

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  1. Quiet time with Finn is like quiet time with Zach me thinks... chatter chatter chatter. And yay for screwdriver fun! That seems to never get old for little guys.


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