Monday, April 2, 2012

slowing down

This week is Elizabeth's spring break, and we're taking advantage of the break to slow down and take some deep breaths. We enjoyed the pleasure of her company for part of the weekend, but now she's off with a friend for the first half of the week on a trip to the beach. (She treated Finn to a spa visit before she left though.)

Finn spent much of our low-key weekend just like this. In some dirt, in the backyard, just playing.

I worked on a few Pinterest ideas this weekend. After seeing this earlier in the week, I decided to make a similar version with cheddar cheese since I had a few leftover baked potatoes to use. I also spent a few hours working on some boxes like these that I saw on Pinterest. I'll be sure to show them when I'm finished. :)

We also started making popsicles again, using this book as a guide. We can never have too many popsicles around here!

And Finn recently started attending a local Waldorf-inspired preschool on Mondays. It's the perfect amount of interaction with other children along with stories, outside tasks, singing and play for him.


  1. Oh that Lego Box! I can't wait to see how you do it. I have seen some selling on etsy. We keep the stash in a small trash can I got at Ikea, but a nice little travel box would be helpful.

  2. Those potatoes look yummy! You are lucky to have a Waldorf kind of school near you.

  3. what great fun! Come visit us at Happy Home!


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