Sunday, April 22, 2012

Saturday gardening

Many things are underway in the garden over the last week.  The tomatoes and peppers that I bought at the farmer's market last weekend were put into the beds.  I went ahead and planted them at the end of last weekend, despite several days with no rain, then watered them twice a day with the rain barrel water until we finally had rain mid-week.

The blackberries have started blooming in the last week or so.  They appear to be running about 2 weeks ahead of schedule so we'll probably have blackberries by the 2nd week of June.  That's exciting!  I've also spotted them growing in other local areas that I can pick so I hope to put away quite a few blackberries and several pints of blackberry jam this summer.

A few of the herbs are now identifiable, including the cilantro.  I can almost taste them!

The lettuce just poked it's head out of the side of the bed where I randomly tossed some seeds one day after finding a packet of lettuce seeds in the junk drawer.

The awaited rain has everything looking so green and lush!

A few more tomato plants joined the crew yesterday, and an out-of-town friend helped me plant some peas as well.  Only a couple more things left to plant and then we just tend and wait for our summer crops.  The next few weeks will be slow, although we plan to visit a local strawberry farm to pick.  We'll find plenty to keep us busy with the strawberries, I'm sure.

What's going on in your garden right now?


  1. Beautiful beds J! We are finally getting some much needed rain this weekend. I am anxious to get our beds started, but my mint, thyme, lemon balm, and chives are up! I can't wait to see what your garden reaps.

  2. Strawberries are ripening; cherry trees have set fruit after lush flowering; Gala trees are flowering madly; blueberries need another brand in order to pollinate one another, the two Mistys are tossing compliments but no fertilizer.

    Your gardens are luscious too, i love the baby green shoots that the plants are showing and how sparkly they get after a rain.

  3. Beautiful & so green! I just bought a bunch of plants today. Tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, herbs. Can't wait to see them growing strong.

  4. Tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers all in the beds. Strawberries ripening!! Things were a couple of weeks ahead of the usual, but now we've had a stretch of cool/rainy weather. I guess it all works out in the end.

  5. Joy, your garden is looking wonderful, how fantastic to have blackberries. I have looked everywhere for them here but cannot find any. We have composted all our veg beds and fruit trees with our own homemade compost and planted some winter veggies, leeks, onions, spring onions and beets. I also bought some lemongrass and perennial basil.

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