Thursday, April 5, 2012

recent Pinterest crafting

Last weekend I decided to put some of the pins from my Pinterest boards to good use by making a few of the projects that I've been pinning. (That place can be such a time-sucking vortex so I should have something to show for it occasionally!)

I started with these egg candles that I've made in the past. They sometimes sit a little wonky, but they are the cutest candles to celebrate spring and Easter.

And I made this little mason jar full of matches to sit out with the candles. So much prettier than the kitchen matches box, no? Just don't try to use the "strike on box" matches. One guess as to how I know that won't work...

For the little boys' Easter baskets, I decided to make a couple of these sweet little Lego travel boxes. I couldn't find slide-top boxes, but these latched boxes were pretty cute too. And just the right size. Maybe we can make it through our next trip without a meltdown over a lost Lego guy?

I'm especially thrilled that the box size limits the amount of Legos that they can take with us on a trip. I think they would each take an entire shoe box (like the ones Paul's size 13 shoes come in) full if I let them. And a way to play on the bumpy road without Legos sliding down onto the floor is a bonus!

Lastly, I just started making a few knitted eggs to add to our egg hunting collection. I hope to make a half dozen or so more before we hunt on Saturday. These may not hold candy, but they sure are little cuties!


  1. oh my gracious heavens. those lego travel boxes are totally radical. i'm sooooo glad you put them up. that is something actually worth making.

  2. Such fun projects! I really love the lego box idea!

  3. You have been busy! I am having craft/ sewing withdrawal due to my crazy work schedule this month. I will just admire your handy work for now. :)

  4. Oh I must go make those egg candles right now! Those are so sweet. I have the match box mason jar pinned as well, for future camping trips, but what a great idea to just have around the house. The knitted eggs are gorgeous, and I hope that you all have a beautiful Easter.


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