Tuesday, April 17, 2012

a crafting playdate

So much of our time is spent planning play dates for our children or dinner dates for our family that when a friend, an out-of-town friend, no less, calls and mentions a crafting play date *for the mamas* I had to catch my breath with excitement. Cindy, of Zach Aboard, breezed into town this weekend and, like the Mary Poppins of crafting, pulled all kinds of goodies from her bag.

She brought a set of letter stamps that we found, um, challenging to master, to say the least. Stamping spoons to make garden markers looks easy on Pinterest but in my experience is better left to the Etsy crowd.

As you can see from our trial and errors (lots and lots of errors), that particular craft takes more skill (or brawn) than I possess.

Elizabeth got a nice little circle pendant, made from a $.10 washer though. A small victory!

Next, Cindy whipped out a fancy little tool for carving rubber stamps, a project I've admired many times but never been quite bold enough to attempt on my own.

After a couple simple sketches were decided upon, I dove right in and hoped for better success in the stamp carving department than I found in letter stamping!

A few minutes into the carving, I hit my groove and managed to carve 2 relatively smooth stamps.

A lighthouse, with negative space light beam. I love that!

And a cheery little sun. Now to make some homemade wrapping paper or postcards!

Thanks so much, Cindy, for coming to visit and sharing your toys! I think we should make this an annual event (at least!)


  1. Looks like so much fun even if not completely successful. The prints are beautiful and the pendant. I love jewelry with a little funk.

  2. You are quick my friend! Thanks for a fun filled afternoon. I expect a postcard with some stamps in the mail soon ;) Oh and next time we know... silver spoons!

  3. What great fun! I've always wondered about letter stamping - good to try out I bet, even if they didn't work out entirely well :-)

  4. visiting via soulemama! love your space and i love these crafts you tried out. i've never tried the letter stamping but i've carved a few blocks... so much fun! i also use my speedball carving tool on my halloween pumpkins when i went to get really detailed- versatile tool :)


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