Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday lunch

Our Saturday Lunch today was actually at dinnertime since around lunchtime today I was busily picking blackberries and preparing blackberry jam. Saturday lunch was worth the wait though because we thoroughly enjoyed our farmer's market fare.

With our farmer's market finds today, I made field peas simmered with kombu and garlic, cornbread (made with locally ground organic corn and spelt), marinated cucumbers and fresh tomatoes and blueberries.

As a treat, this afternoon we made sun tea with a locally made Cranberry Harvest tea blend, and I added the juice of a single lemon and about 1/3 cup of sugar dissolved in a bit of water. What a delicious tea! Finn kept asking for more "juicy tea", and that's really a perfect description of the taste.

I love to see my children enjoying fresh fruits and veggies from our local farmers.

The goofing off after dinner is pretty cute to watch as well.

Our back porch table migrated under our backyard maple, and we've enjoyed most of our Saturday Lunch meals this year in this shady little spot in the yard. I'm so grateful that several of our backyard trees are now growing large enough to provide some late afternoon shade. The summer can be unbearable hot in the backyard where the afternoon sun beats it's retreat toward the horizon.

As a special surprise, our favorite neighbor, Mary, appeared with homemade peach ice cream and extra fresh peaches to make summery peach milkshakes for our dessert. Gotta love neighbors like that! As soon as she spread out her milkshake-making items, Finn dragged over a chair saying, "I can help! I always help my mom make things and that's why I need a chair because I'm little!"

Mary even brought her own blender, and as she began mixing the peach milkshakes, the smell of summer wafted through the air.

A hard-earned milkshake, the tastiest one of his little life!

Thanks, Mary, for sharing your summery goodness and bringing the perfect ending to our Saturday Lunch!

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