Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yarn Along and pondering Lent

For the Yarn Along this week, I'm working on a waffle hat for a gift, using some supersoft baby alpaca, and I'm reading aloud The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe to the kids in the evenings.

We've been talking about and preparing for Lent over the last couple of evenings and decided to follow in Ginny's footsteps and have the kids keep a gratitude journal for the 40 days of Lent.

{Shrove Tuesday pancakes}

They seem enthusiastic about the idea, well, except maybe Finn who doesn't seem to understand what gratitude or thankfulness means. Even he got on board once I made a list of things he enjoyed throughout the day and asked him to pick the thing he liked best. If anyone has a surefire way of explaining gratitude to a 4 year old, I'll take any suggestions you can offer!

Paulie and Philip were both thankful for our Shrove Tuesday King Cake, which was sweet to my ears, and Elizabeth is grateful for the new unit of study that she recently began at school on Appalachia. She's enjoying the new project that she's working on at school.

I decided to personally take the journal and gratitude effort a bit further by adding generosity, patience and kindness to my list. I plan to record an act of each in my journal each day and to concentrate my efforts on my family. My hope is that by making a concerted effort to perform acts of generosity, patience, kindness and gratefulness toward my family each day of Lent, those intentions will become a mindful habit.

{Shrove Tuesday King Cake}

Maybe my mindful intentions will even raise the level of generosity, patience, kindness and gratefulness between the kids. Wouldn't that be a wonderful gift during this Lenten season?


  1. What a wise example to set for the family! I admire your efforts.

  2. I love the idea of practicing those graces everyday with your family, to make them a habit as well as to lead/teach by example!

  3. Lovely King Cake. I like your idea about journaling. I am just dropping in to say "hi" as part of Yarn Along.

  4. Those journals are a great idea and a great example to your children!
    Sweet waffle hat! I love the pattern!

  5. What a wonderful way to celebrate this season. I send my blessings to your endeavors!

  6. I love these journals that you and ginny are doing! Such a lovely idea and a really great way to model these virtues for your children :) Your hat is looking great to!

  7. Oh the waffle hat looks fun to knit. I love that combination of stitches. I have made some waffle socks and love the way they turned out.

  8. I love the intention behind your journaling. What a great way to observe Lent. That King cake looks delicious. I've never made one of those.

  9. how great to reflect in this way! a great habit. while we don't do lent, we are beginning to prepare for Passover--a similar time of reflection and this might be a great way to really evaluate my own character & how it's setting a tone in our home...

  10. I love the lenten journaling idea! Finding everyday ways to reflect and pause along the journey.
    The king cake looks totally yummy by the way.


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