Monday, March 21, 2011

an egg-celent spring day

Spring crafting has commenced, and first up this season are felted eggs. I've seen this in various spots around the internet, including last year's Rhythm of the Home article, which has a great tutorial. I actually learned how to make them at the Steiner Institute during my felting class. We're still using a few of the originals, and I've made several more to go with them. I really like the blossom baby addition that Twig and Toadstool has so maybe I'll add one of those soon.

Right now though, we're finding a root child in our egg.

And a chick in another!

You never know what might be there next! Frogs, snails, mushroom babies and strawberries all arrive in eggs, right?

I prefer the cracked egg look to the more traditional straight opening. I find lots of character in each of their little cracks.

Also on this first full day of spring, we're enjoying the updates to our spring nature table. The ducks have a new pond this year, and they're very excited!

Even more lovely than the table are the bits of nature arriving via wee little hands.

I think this might be my very favorite part of spring.


  1. little hands with flowers are the sweetest! your eggs look wonderful. the few i have made turn out loose and floppy. any tricks to making them tight?

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  3. sorry--last one was me, logged in as Drew...silly husbands ;) anyway, love the eggs--saw the tutorial in ROTH & thought they looked like such fun!

  4. beautiful photos, as always....and love the eggs! I've been making them, too....since the beginning of march; hoping to gradually build up a nice supply to gift to friends:)

  5. Lovely photos and your eggs are just beautiful!
    Happy Spring to you. :-)

  6. i linked to your sweet eggs today when i posted about my egg monsters. come check it out! ;)

  7. I love the little duck pond! Such a fun spot to explore nature.


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