Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yarn Along and my little bit of happiness

Joining Ginny again for the Yarn Along, I just started working on these little Bunny Nuggets to be Easter basket treats. I've learned with 4 kids to start early on holiday gifts, although these appear to be a very quick knit. I'll be sure to show you when I finish one! I'm reading a book that I picked up in NYC, Faith Hope Love Knitting, by the founder of Lorna's Laces. It's a lovely little book with some very sweet patterns that I'm sure will find there way into this space over next several months.

As for my bit of happiness, Elizabeth is working on an Appalachian play in school as part of the state history unit they're learning. Her music teacher taught the students to play the spoons yesterday, which thrilled Elizabeth to no end to find a new musical instrument around the house.

She's been busy practicing the spoons during every free moment because not all of the students will be able to play the spoons during the performance, and she's determined to be one of the select few!

Another little bit of happiness is Finn's excitement over crossing off the previous day on his calendar each morning. What could be more delightful than having your own calendar and learning how to use it?!

And who wouldn't be happy seeing this little face so clearly enjoying homemade blueberry jam.

I hope you're having a blessed Wednesday full of a little bit of happiness!


  1. Oh, that yarn looks so soft and warm. I hope the project turns out nicely!

  2. my girls love the calendar cross-out as well. particularly if I let them use stickers. Spoons--that's awesome!

  3. happiness indeed. i remember learning to play the spoons in sixth grade. so fun! Binky likes to use his calender too. i can't wait to see the bunny nuggets!

  4. Adorable bunnies! And I can't wait to check out that book. It looks wonderful.

  5. I can't get over those bunnies! They are so cute! I added them to my Ravelry faves. Must try some! I know what you mean about starting early with gifts...something for everyone takes a while!

  6. I can't believe there is a knitting book out there with a cover and title as beautiful as that and I've missed it! The knit you are working on looks incredibly soft and I love the yarn color!

  7. That pink reminds me of Easter:-)

  8. Love the bunny and the pink yarn. I should get moving on Easter projects. Thanks for the little push. The book sounds delightful.

    How cool that Elizabeth is learning to play the spoons. Hope she is selected!

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  9. What lovely, joyful nuggets!
    Those bunnies look so sweet!
    The cover of the book grabs my attention straight away, I love the title too. I'll be looking that one up I think ;)

  10. You have such beautiful kids and that knitting book looks like something I need to check out!!


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