Monday, February 14, 2011

a space for Finn's work

This is the art shelf that sits in the corner of our breakfast nook beside the kitchen bar.

This is the space that has been cleared for Finn's work on the art shelf.

This is the clementine box that has been selected as a holder for Finn's work.

This is the clementine box, painted with chalkboard paint, selected to hold Finn's work.

This is "Finn's work" box in it's new residence on the art shelf in the breakfast nook, right by the table where he likes to work.

Speaking of Finn's work, I recently discovered the site Montessori for Everyone which has some great free downloads. Finn is thrilled with his new cards to work with and several of them have been particularly applicable to our trip to the sheep farm this past weekend.

We've talked about sweaters, yarn and where they come from, as well as the names for mommy and daddy sheep and their baby lambs. These cards came in a set with other "where they come from" cards and other "animal families" from the Montessori for Everyone cultural materials section of the free downloads.

I also really liked the What Doesn't Belong cards, which I haven't presented to Finn just yet. I'm not sure he has the concept of which picture does not belong in each group of four. I was also concerned that he wouldn't learn the concept, he would just learn which item didn't belong and then always know where to place his X card.

So I created my own sheet of What Doesn't Belong cards so I can have more cards to mix together and hopefully reinforce the concept without just teaching the 4 specific cards that were available for download on Montessori for Everyone. If you'd like to print the following sheet, just click on the picture, and it should come up in a standard letter size for printing.


  1. that is so sweet! We've been reorganizing all the schoolwork stuff to one location which is helping TREMENDOUSLY with our daily routines. The girls LOVE knowing where to find everything 'school' related, from scrap paper to rubber cement to children's poetry books. & the 'One of these things is not like the other' song pops into my head...

  2. I love the repurposed Clementine box painted with chalkboard paint. Fantastic idea!

  3. you need to open your own school - nicely done!

  4. What a sweet nook. I love how you painted a clementine box. I love those boxes, too, but never know what to do with them. That is a great idea.

  5. I love that.
    I have a can of chalk board paint - that stuff is addictive and I have a few things set aside to do little bins like that.
    Yours looks great ;)

  6. Lovely space and box! Great idea to paint it with chalkboard paint. Looks great. I'm pretty impressed with all of Finn's work too!


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