Monday, February 7, 2011

playing with geometric shapes

In an effort to continue adding to Finn's repertoire of "work", I've been making a few geometric shape works for him. He loves to sort, and sorting of all varieties is included in the Montessori curriculum, so I found this page of geometric shapes to print, cut, and glue to construction paper for durability.

He enjoyed sorting those shapes into piles, but I thought it might help to have a labeled larger shape to be the grounding piece for sorting onto.

So I created 2 pages of larger, labeled shapes, printed on cardstock, to be the grounding shapes onto which Finn could sort his smaller rectangles, squares, triangles, circles and ovals.

I also purchased these recycled wood puzzle shapes from etsy to assist with geometric shape learning.

Each shape is a 2-piece puzzle and has a corresponding cardstock shape to match.

Finn really likes that these labeled shapes can be part of 2 different works.

We aren't concentrating too much on the names of the pentagon and hexagon just yet, but I appreciate that we can start talking about the number of sides of each shape soon.

Right now we're working on grouping or matching the shapes, particularly differentiating between square and rectangle, circle and oval, and the names of the circle, oval, square, rectangle, and triangle.

What a fun hands-on way to manipulate the shapes, learn the names and practice sorting too!


  1. i love these little games. we've been accumulating more like them since we visited a friend's montessori school not long ago.

  2. Somebody's ramping up ;) You are the coolest mama!


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