Sunday, February 20, 2011

winter reprieve

We had lovely temperatures in the 60s this weekend and we determined to make the most of every ounce of sunshine before winter returns. We, and nearly every other family in our area, decided to make a trip to the zoo on Saturday. Because the temperatures were so nice, the animals were largely active which was exciting to observe.

We also found a new section of the Honeybee Garden which we hadn't explored before. Finn was able to tour a giant hive complete with huge honeycomb. What a cool experience!

Back at home, we found some bulbs enjoying the warmth by sending up some green shoots into the sunlight. Not too many have made their appearance yet so I hope more are on their way. Note to self: add more bulbs this fall. There is little that excites me more than green shoots in February!

The first sidewalk drawings of the season are always precious as well. By the end of summer, I'll be exasperated with the lack of a spot of concrete to sit without getting chalk dust on my clothes, but for now, Finn's sweet little cars are a welcome sight.

And of course, we've been on wheels. How better to enjoy the warmth than tooling around the driveway on wheels we've nary seen since October!

Finn even tried out the tricycle that all the older kids have called their own once upon a time. His feet finally reach the pedals. Clearly, the weather wasn't the only excitement this weekend.

Did you have nice weather this weekend? If so, how did you celebrate?


  1. We had lovely weather late last week but another snow storm rolled in yesterday (to celebrate I bought new boots!)

  2. I am so giddy over this weather too. I hope it sticks!

  3. We had such a great weekend!! bike-riding, garden fun, basking, etc. Couldn't have been better--I think it will be hard to go back to lower temps!

  4. Thanks so much for your comment my friend:) What a lovely weekend you have had, the honeybee garden looks amazing!
    xo xo


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