Sunday, January 16, 2011

family trip to the science center

My brother and his family have been visiting for the last several days which has largely kept me away from this space. Not that I'm complaining because we've had a wonderful time. I really haven't even taken that many photos of our time as I've been either soaking it all in (or cooking for a crowd or cleaning up after little ones). I did take my camera along as we visited the science center the other day, just Finn and I took my brother, sister-in-law and nephews as the other kids were in school. The following are a few moments of our time there.

They've returned back home today, and life is slipping back into it's normal rhythm. We're so grateful for the last few days of family togetherness we were blessed to experience.


  1. You'll have to give me the scoop on that science center which (of course) we never knew was there. It looks like loads of fun!

  2. So sweet to see one’s siblings for a happy reason. Great that all went well for you and them; science center looks like a fun and educational time. The little boy sitting on the teeth model speaks to the enjoyment of the experience. Cute dimple he’s sporting...


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