Sunday, January 9, 2011

the beauty of every day

Our weekend was low-key and full of slow, gentle moments. My brother and his family came to town, and we saw them briefly last evening. (They'll be staying with us toward the end of the week.) Today brought building, crafting, watching, reading, a last peek of sun before the next snowstorm. In the midst of the quiet, I'm enjoying these moments of beauty:

::cousins reunited::

::my knitting on a sweet nephew::

::last refractions for a few days::

::random rainbows::

::watching this little boy build::

::his pride in the finished product::

::a lovely new calendar::

::nature table refresh::

::his tiny pinecone discovery::

::a hair-growing leprechaun::


  1. Aren't the simple, everyday moments the ones that make your heart pause? Just lovely.

  2. there really is so many beautiful things here joy! your little guy is too cute, i love his hair : ) the rainbow window prism is lovely and what a beautiful calendar! enjoy your week!

  3. So relaxing-- enjoy the weather coming up!


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