Wednesday, January 12, 2011

branch block lacing and patterning

Finn had a nice surprise in the mail today. A set of branch lacing blocks!

He sat on the counter and patiently laced, and counted, each block from the sweet little crocheted bag.

They all fit on his lacing string!

Then I showed him the plan that I had for these charming little lacing blocks. We painted several of them.

We chose 3 colors, red, yellow and blue, and painted 4 branch pieces in each color.

Then we patterned our blocks, yellow, red, blue, yellow red, blue, until all the blocks were made into the pattern. He could follow the pattern if I put them in a row, but I'm hoping this will transition into Finn lacing them in a pattern and being able to identify new pattern that I make.

I also see early addition, subtraction and multiplications with these lovely lacing blocks. What a fun, tactile way to learn early math!

And they're so, so pretty!

The branch lacing blocks that we are using were made by Natural Earth Farm on etsy. They come in this adorable little bag with a branch closure (so darling!) with the lacing stick and a string with a branch stopper at the end. I'm sure you could find a world of uses for these lacing branches!


  1. love these photos, so sweet! we also have that set and love it!!

  2. Love them! They'd go nicely with the branch manipulatives Tanya had on her blog a few days ago!

  3. They are brilliant - complete with their own beautiful bag! So sweet!
    Pop down-under to my place today if you fancy playing along with some aussies in a handmade pay-it-forward thing that's going around!! I'd *love* to have you on my list :-)

  4. What a fun way to learn early math! I thought that was a great idea to paint them so that you could make patterns.

  5. great post, great pics, great gift!

  6. So much fun, a pretty little bag to store them to and probably many other treasures. Adorable child with beautiful hair!


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