Thursday, December 9, 2010

::right now::

Sorry for the unannounced brief hiatus! I realized at the beginning of the week that I'd better buckle down if I'm going to finish all the crafting that needs to be done by Christmas. Between that and the advent list, we're staying quite busy but only in the best possible way. Just a bit of the goings on from our week:

::staying warm::

::Hanukkah meal::

::St. Nicholas Day treats following our Hanukkah meal::

I hope you're finding much to celebrate during this lovely, if chilly, season!

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  1. Looks like we had the same kind of week in a way :) Are those chocolate crepes? I swear if you keep posting food stuff I am going to move in.

  2. that looks amazing!! I've never made blintzes from scratch--you've inspired me to try in the future...


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