Monday, December 6, 2010

advent spiral

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of hosting our festival community's advent spiral. We had a great turnout despite the melting snow and freezing, windy temperatures that followed the melt. We began the evening with a few crafts.

We needlefelted inside star-shaped cookie cutters to make felt stars, and we made many different beautiful paper snowflakes.

We even made some cinnamon stick ornaments.

The children did such a great job making so many unique and beautiful crafts.

And Elizabeth was my star attending the snowflake-making station for almost the entire evening.

Some of the kids were a little hesitant to participate, but in the end, I think everyone made all the crafts and had a wonderful time.

Paul worked all afternoon in the freezing wind making the advent spiral in our backyard. By the evening, it was clear the spiral wasn't going to work outdoors with the windy conditions.

So we passed a candle around indoors and spread our light and warmth to one another in a huge circle,

bringing light and warmth back to our winter days.

What a beautiful amazing sight, the whole circle of our community with apple candles in hand!

We then placed them on the mantle to burn and light the dark evening.

A beautiful advent spiral festival despite the chilly winter winds!


  1. what fun to have a big festive craft group! I love your beautiful candle pictures

  2. Just the fact that you have the community of like minded friends to share with is good enough! I have always wanted to do the same thing on our beach here, but it would be a one woman show. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. the lights on the mantel are just amazing. thank you joy and paul for all that you do!

  4. Looks like you had a great time! what fun crafting. I've been meaning to try the cookie cutter method of needle felting with Naomi...i love that idea.

  5. SO beautiful~ our community advent garden is this sunday-- I'm so ready-- I feel like our holiday season doesn't *really* begin until we've walked the spiral and sat and soaked in the candlelight!

  6. Whata beautiful celebration! Your festivals group is quite amazing. So very inspiring to have community like that!

  7. The advent spiral has always been one of the most beautiful traditions of our year, and yours looks so special. Thank you for sharing this night with us.

  8. Your photos truly show such a magical time together of creating and warmth, I loved seeing this post Joy!

  9. Wow what a great tradition. I love the crafting the kids have and then the candle lighting ;)


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