Tuesday, December 21, 2010

on this winter solstice

Last night in preparation for the solstice, we spent a few minutes driving around to see the lights in the neighborhoods near our house. We found a few that were quite decked out! We tried to see the lunar eclipse last night, alas, a completely cloudy sky completely blocked the view.

This morning, we opened a package with some winter craft exchange items. What a fun surprise! Lovely treasures for our nature table.

I really love the northern lights look of the playsilk behind the polar bear and his ice-capped hill!

We also spent some time making candles to light our darkest, longest night.

And some cookies, of course!

Orange Cardamom Cookies with orange-sugar on top...delicious!

What a lovely way to celebrate the solstice and this short, cloudy, chilly day!


  1. It looks like you enjoyed a beautiful Solstice Joy! The cookies sounds really good, I love the candle and the sweet bear on the painted paper! Warmest wishes to you and you family xo

  2. What a lovely Solstice celebration Joy, many happy wishes to you and your family:)

  3. Your exchange package is wonderful!!! Of course, considering your partner :) Post the pics on FLickr...
    Happy Solstice Joy! Those cookies look GOOD!

  4. the candles are super sweet. & what treasures you received from the exchange!

  5. The polar bear card and the tableau are both so cute! You do such a great job making celebrations special for your family.


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