Saturday, December 4, 2010

Elizabeth's 4th grade art opening

Elizabeth was fortunate enough to be part of an extended literary and artistic study through her school with a resident artist in our town. The art show for the 4th grade students opened last evening at a local museum and each of the students spoke an excerpt and performed a formation from the piece they wrote about themselves.

What a beautiful sight to behold: all the faces of Elizabeth's classmates in their self-portraits.

In the words of the arts coordinator from Elizabeth's school:

4th Graders will present a grand art opening at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Arts (“SECCA”). Two major pieces are exhibited for each student; a vivid oil pastel self-portrait, and a black & white photography self-portrait paired with introspective writing. Students will begin the opening with a brief reading from these original writings, on the stage of SECCA’s theater. The photography project is an extended study with resident artist Diana Greene. Ms. Greene is a published writer and professional photographer, whose personal commentaries have often been heard on WFDD’s “Voices and Viewpoints”. The “Literacy Through Photography” residency, also known as “My Inside-Outside Self,” has become a favorite tradition for ABES 4th graders. This is Ms. Green’s 8th consecutive year with our students. Here is her description of the program:
Excellent writing and sharp photography are linked by the primacy of strong images. By combining these two art forms, students draw profound connections about the power of detail, the essence of composition, and the need to plan before execution and revise for perfection. Literacy through photography teaches students the centrality of their personal vision and shows them how to translate that vision onto the page. Each student will compose self-portraits, setting up shots with a partner, using a digital camera. The self-portrait is then shot and printed in black and white. Students will then write a narrative to accompany their self-portraits.

The excerpt from Elizabeth's introspective writing:

"Seeing me from the outside, I look like a person who loves art. I especially love drawing, making lines smooth, realistic and with good perspective."

I left incredibly proud of Elizabeth, for her self-portrait drawing, self-directed photography, her introspective writing and even her self-possession on the stage. How amazing to see the product of so many weeks of hard work! Elizabeth's art teacher even told me that she and her best friend were the last 2 finished with their oil pastel drawings, voluntarily skipping recess several times to make sure their pictures were just right.

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  1. this looks like an amazing experience! how i love to see kids exploring art in different ways.

  2. Oh, this is a really wonderful concept. What a way to build self esteem and have fun at the same time. I bet those students were proud of themselves.

  3. You must be incredibly proud of Elizabeth!
    She did a wonderful job on her drawing! I appreciate the work she put in as well as the words she shared to go along with her art!

  4. She looks so tiny up there on that big stage! I can see why you are so proud -- she really shined in every way! Yay Elizabeth!

  5. What a wonderful glimpse of our delightful grandaughter evolving into her own unique person.

    Thank you.

  6. Oh wow, truly amazing. She is a gifted artist!

  7. what an incredible opportunity for her to learn about herself--not what I imagine most kids her age are doing. What confidence this must be giving her!


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