Thursday, December 30, 2010

in the days since Christmas

We've been keeping our days slower-paced and quiet in the time since Christmas. The snow that began late Christmas morning kept blowing until we awoke the next morning to 6 inches of powdery white wonderland.

Of course, our days have been filled with outdoor snow play.

But we've found plenty of indoor fun as well. Finn received a new Toot and Puddle book for Christmas which came with a set of punch-out ornaments.

Punch-out + hole-punch + threading a string = perfect 4-year-old activity

His ornaments were able to hang on the tree for the last day we had the tree.

Finn also learned to use the vacuum cleaner this week!

Elizabeth has been busy setting up her science fair project. More on that to come soon!

She's carefully recording her observations to display on her board.

Finn discovered Jan Brett's Hedgie printouts and had a grand time coloring.

My mom has been staying with us while my dad travels. She dives right into art time with the kids.

Today, on the advice of Boatbaby, we froze a bowl full of water with a few things inside, then used food coloring, salt and warm water to play with the ice chunk.

Finn had a great time spreading around the salt and color with warm water.

Watching the color soak into the cracks of the ice was amazing.

Finn was both startled and a bit sad when the ice broke through, but we assured him this was supposed to happen!

What cool shards of ice were hidden inside the block of ice!

This will be a fun project to try again outside on a hot day.

Last but not least, we've had plenty of snuggly reading time.

How are you spending the slow days between Christmas and New Years?


  1. In those snow pictures, it looks like you guys live out in the middle of nowhere in your own log cabin! :)
    We've been having a great time here, though we've received only a total of an inch and a dusting of snow so far. I thought about it the other day--this is our first ever family stay-cation, and it has been really relaxing. We've ventured out a few times to view neighborhood lights and last night we went to see the Zoo Lights at the national zoo--that was a real treat. I think we're going to go ice skating tomorrow. Otherwise, we've done a little baking and a lot of eating and napping. :)
    We miss you guys TONS and hope to see you soon!

  2. I've been reading! I love the week between Christmas and New Year's. It looks like your kids have been having lots of fun. That snow looks beautiful. Great idea with the ice!

  3. Your time looks so relaxing-- that ice work is so cool! Our vacation seems too short-- we have one who is totally snow-opposed, so it's been a lot of divide and conquer with snow-play around here.


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