Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Final Day in London

This morning, bright and early, we headed out for the Science Museum, had a mishap that landed us back at the hotel, then headed out again for the Science Museum. When we finally arrived, the kids were excited to see what this enormous museum had in store for us.

In the basement of the museum, the Garden, for ages 3-6, awaits. Finn was able to play with light and color,

stack some giant Legos,

and splashed about in the water play area (and got completely soaked despite the clothing cover.)

We also saw larger-than-life transportation items like the Apollo 10 Command Modul.

Elizabeth was taken with the parachute since she's always playing with different methods of parachuting things from our play structure at home.

After lunch and a resttime, we headed back over to Kensington Gardens to the Diana Memorial Playground. It really is such an amazing playground. I think our kids could have gone there every day, happily.

In the evening, I was fortunate enough to get away for a few minutes by myself to run over to the Steiner House Bookshop where I found some lovely gems. I'll share them with you at a later date as well as some beautiful nature shots we enjoyed seeing while here. Until then, we'll be flying and trying to adjust to EST again tomorrow. Thanks for allowing me to share our journey with you!


  1. That playground does look like nirvana! The teepee, the ship -- wow! And how odd to have an Apollo capsule in London? What's the connection? Wishing you safe travels and lots of rest when you get home.

  2. What would you say was your family's fave site/activity of your entire trip?

  3. Awesome photos of the playground! Steiner House Bookshop sounds great!

  4. Oh what a wonderful trip. Thank you so much for sharing it with us all. I looked forward to your daily updates and felt like I was there. You all have a very safe trip home. :-)

  5. *longtime lurker

    You're pictures make me homesick. My mothers family is from London and I haven't been since 97. I miss it terribly. I even went to school there for a few.

    Lovely pictures and seems like a fantastic trip with lots of memories.

  6. What a fun, fun day! The kids look like they are having so much fun at the Science Museum... I can't wait to visit Princess Diana's playground as well!


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